Chinese brand LeTV teams up with Aston Martin for electric cars

Everyone wants to make self-driving cars right now and we’re talking about some major participation from likes of Apple, Tesla and Google among others. But hang on, what about electric cars? German automakers have made few models which cater to charge-and-drive proportions but what about car manufacturers from others parts of the world.

So, this is where China-based LeTV is hoping to make best use of its arrangement with major company like Aston Martin to design and build electric cars for the future. The first electric car from the brand is expected to appear at the Auto China 2016 which will give everyone a glimpse into the future of automobile.

The name of ambitious electric project is Super Electric Eco-system (SEE), wherein LeTV will provide its software (UI) support called LeUI inside the car with 9-inch touch display for ease of use. The implementation of its own software ecosystem enables user to make use of LeTV smartphone to control the vehicle akin to what we have seen in the James Bond movie.

Interestingly, LeTV has some serious plans for India and in all likelihood expect their phones as well as electric car to make debut in the country in the coming months to years. As you might be aware, Indian government is on a mission to get 5 to 7 million electric cars on the roads by 2020 and LeTV wants to become an intrinsic part of this objective.

Are you excited to see what Aston Martin can do with electric cars? We wait for 2016 and LeTV to fulfill its promise.

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Just for comparison, here’s the 2016 Aston Martin DB9 GT.


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