Android Gmail app: how to disable the auto login

Android Gmail app: how to disable the auto login

For example, I am using Huawei P6 which has Android version 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).
Currently I have a personal google email account set up on this phone.
The trouble is: you cannot remove this Gmail app, and all the incoming emails are shown in this app, so everyone can read my emails.
So I want to disable the auto login of the Gmail app, how to do that?
First of all, you cannot delete this Gmail app.
Second, there is no way to logout of the Gmail app.
Third, it is also not possible to disable this Gmail app.
BUT, still there is an easy workaround to solve the problem (do not let other people have access to my emails of this specific email account).
Following these steps:

1. Create a new google email account

2. Go to your phone, Settings – Add account – Google – Existing: sign in with your new email account
Then back to: Setting – Google: now you see the old email account and the new email account, now at Top Right of the phone, there is a menu, click on it, there you can delete the old email account. Of course, it will only delete this email account from the Gmail app, not really totally delete your this google email account, you can still use for example Chrome browser to login to this email account.

3. Then in the Gmail app, only the new google email account is shown, so other people can only have access to this new email account, which is not meant for your important personal emails, so in this way, you can protect the content of your important google email account.


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