[Tourists] 10 Of The World’s Worst Behaved Tourists

or some nations, tourism is their main source of income. Hence, they have to put up with their antics, whether they love or secretly loathe them.

We are all familiar with the perception of the loud, boorish American or the badly dressed Brit (at least, according to the French). But even these distasteful generalizations are paling in comparison to the new winners of “Most annoying tourists ever”.

While they have a lot of money to spend (Chinese tourists spent $123 billion in 2013), they are quickly gaining global attention for really crass behavior. In 2014, one Thai AirAsia flight had three elements you would normally expect only on a big budget action movie. An attack with scalding water, a bomb threat and a suicide attempt; all occurred on one flight, perpetuated by two Chinese passengers.


Do Chinese tourists deserve their ‘rude’ reputation? – BBC Trending


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