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While the Eclipse IDE for Java development is widely known, the Eclipse open source community is much bigger. Currently it consists of more than 150 projects covering different aspects of software development. For example, Eclipse projects provide tooling for JavaScript development and runtime components, like the popular Jetty webserver.

Eclipse IDE Tutorial:

The roots of Eclipse go back to 2001. The initial code base was provided by IBM. In November 2001, a consortium was formed to support the development of Eclipse as open source software. This consortium was controlled by IBM.

In 2004 it became the Eclipse Foundation , which is a vendor neutral foundation where no single company has control of the direction.

The Eclipse name at this time was viewed by many as declaration of war against Sun Microsystems , the company responsible for developing the Java programming language. IBM stated that the name was targeting at “Eclipsing” Microsoft. See – Eclipse: Behind the Name for details.

With the purchase of Sun Microsystems by Oracle this conflict finally went away. Oracle is currently among the 5 largest contributor companies of the Eclipse project.

Web Development for Beginners – Setting up Eclipse

Eclipse IDE – Tutorial


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