PAUL KRUGMAN: What’s going on in China right now scares me

The following interview with Paul Krugman, American economist and op-ed columnist for The New York Times, was conducted by Birgit Haas and Daniel Tost of Business Insider Deutschland.

Business Insider: What’s going to happen to the world if Donald Trump is elected president?

Krugman: God knows, right? I tell myself that, once actually in office, Trump might realize that he needs to listen to some people.

He might not be as bad as one thinks. But we don’t know that.

He’s never made policy, so we have no idea. But I have to say: I think that if any Republican is elected, the results will be catastrophic. Look at what Marco Rubio says about monetary policy.

He want the Fed to abandon everything except inflation targeting. He wants to scrap all the new financial regulations. He wants us to balance the budget even in recessions. At the same time, he wants massive tax cuts. Any Republican would be a disaster for the world economy.



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