Prevent the Windows 10 upgrade from installing after making your reservation

We have had numerous questions from users on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems who, after reserving their free Windows 10 upgrade using the Get Windows 10 App, have decided to not upgrade.

Scenario 1

KB3035583 is installed and the Get Windows 10 App is running in the system tray but no reservation has been made.

1. Uninstall KB3035583 (instructions here). You will be prompted to reboot your system

2. Once the system has restarted check for updates once again and if KB3035583 or an offer to get the Windows 10 Upgrade show up then hide those updates by right clicking on each one of them and selecting Hide updates. I have seen hidden updates reappear so be vigilant when you do future update checks. Since these are optional updates they should not start automatically.

3. Since there was no reservation made no pre-downloading of the install files should have occurred. You can verify this by checking for the $Windows.~BT described above.

4. If for some reason it is there you can use the Disk Cleanup tool to remove the temporary installation files.

See this page:


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