Tsinghua Unigroup to take over Toshiba and SanDisk Corporation

Taiwan’s Digitimes reported on Thursday that SanDisk and Toshiba, which jointly developed NAND flash technology, are both being targeted for acquisition by Unisplendour Corporation Limited, a unit of China’s state-owned Tsinghua Unigroup.

According to sources, Tsinghua Unigroup also plans to acquire a 10%-20% stake in US-based technology vendor Micron Technology, but it has experienced difficulties in forming a partnership with Micron since they do not have 100% ownership of their memory process technologies. As a result, Tsinghua group is now looking to acquire the technologies held by Toshiba and SanDisk.

Toshiba Corporation is Japan’s biggest semi-conductor manufacturer, and also its second largest electric motor manufacturer. It operates a diversified portfolio of digital products, electric components and household appliances.

The US-based SanDisk designs and sells flash memory cards and its flash memory technologies are widely used worldwide.

Unisplendour Corporation operates an industrial chain focused on integrated circuit design, information technology and communications.

According to sources, if Tsinghua Unigroup group were to acquire Toshiba or SanDisk, it would gain access to their technology and product portfolios, which in turn would make China more self-sufficient with regards to integrated circuits.


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