Starting December 5, you can buy the unlocked Android phone without worrying needing an exclusive invitation.

OnePlus 2: $450.00

Come this Saturday, you’ll be able to buy the OnePlus 2 smartphone without an invitation. On December 5, the company will totally dissolve the pesky protocol system that made the unlocked Android phone available to people who had an invitation, and only those folks.

With global customers becoming more comfortable buying unlocked phones directly from vendors, the OnePlus offers an interesting alternative to phones like Google’s Nexus line. However, the invitation-only system criticised as a sales method to whip up fervor for the OnePlus phones (and also keep up with demand) backfires by making the handsets hard to get.

The move to permanently discard the invitation system follows the same path as the OnePlus One. According to OnePlus, purchases made before December 7 onward are guaranteed to arrive in time for a December 25 delivery.

Normally, OnePlus will still require an invitation to buy the newer OnePlus X phone, although a special holiday deal lets buyers purchase one without an invitation from December 5 through December 7. OnePlus will also discount some accessories as well.