Current on-premises IT operating models are unsustainable, meaning revenue declines will only continue, according to Oracle’s CEO.

But despite all of the market share forecasts and constant demands for product innovation, most chief executives are simply concerned with surviving — whether it’s through the quarter or the year, as told by Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.
Oracle OpenWorld

“There is very little room for error. If you don’t deliver, someone is waiting to take your place,” Hurd opined at Oracle’s flagship show, OpenWorld, on Monday morning.

However, despite the earlier rhetoric about predictions, Hurd proceeded to outline five predictions Oracle has pegged for the cloud market in 10 years.

Thus, by 2025, Oracle is expecting the following:

80 percent of all production apps will be in the cloud. (Today, Hurd noted, it’s about 25 percent.)

Two suite providers will control 80 percent of Software-as-a-Service apps market. (Hurd refrained from naming these companies, although “volunteered” Oracle to be one.)

100 percent of dev tests will be in the cloud.

Virtually all enterprise data will be in the cloud.

Enterprise clouds will be the most secure IT environments.

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