Tony Scott, U.S. federal government CIO, says big cloud providers are just as secure as today’s largest financial institutions and advises his fellow IT leaders to embrace cloud sooner than later.

This week, the U.S. federal government’s most powerful IT steward bestowed unbridled praise upon the largest cloud providers, during a Google for Work webcast. Tony Scott, U.S. CIO, even suggested there is no safer place to store data than in the cloud.

“I see the big cloud providers in the same way I see a bank,” he says. “They have the incentive, they have skills and abilities, and they have the motivation to do a much better job of security than any one company or any one organization can probably do.”

Federal data security standards will continue to improve, according to Scott, but in many cases big cloud providers, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, already meet those requirements. Factors such as scalability, motivation and risk are tipping the scales toward cloud providers, he says.

“I think today the better bet is get to the cloud as quick as you can because you’re guaranteed almost to have better security there than you will in any private thing you can do,” Scott says.

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